Don't Be a Ghost

David Parker


She didn’t get the offer. She was one of my favorite candidates who I was sure was a lock for the job. It turned out that I was wrong and dreaded having to tell her the bad news.

ME: “They went with another candidate who had more industry experience. The client thought you were ideal from a culture fit but you finished as a close runner-up. I am sorry.”
HER: “That’s okay. You have been great. While I am disappointed, I am just thankful I heard any feedback at all.”
ME: “What do you mean?”
HER: “My job search experience has been that I typically don’t get any recruiter feedback if I am not selected for the position. You took the time to do that when you didn’t have to. Keep me in mind if you have anything else that could be of interest.”

I have never understood why this happens (a lot). While the candidates aren’t paying me anything, they are normally contacted by me first about an opportunity I have. They DESERVE the feedback/status because they invested their time and are basing important career decisions on that information.

There are a lot of moving parts in recruiting so the process is never perfect. However, these are people’s livelihoods and they should not be treated as discarded puzzle pieces when they don’t fit the role that is being filled.

Don't Be a Ghost!

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