Do's and Don'ts of a Job Search

David Parker


I have had a lot of candidates lately who have said “I haven’t looked for a job in a long time and am not really sure what I am supposed to do." So I thought I would share some DO’s and DON’Ts from MY perspective:

DON’T “I am looking for a new job. Attached is my resume. Give me a call if you have anything that looks like a fit.”

DO “I would like to have a discussion with you regarding career opportunities and insight. I have an updated resume to send to you along with times that work for me for an introductory call.”

DON’T “I have 4 resume versions along with a generic cover letter. Just pick the resume that you like the best and we will go with that.”

DO “I know I should tailor my resume specifically to each opportunity. Any content suggestions on what to include as well as cosmetic edits would be great!”

DON’T “My resume has been sent to every recruiter in town and I have applied to so many jobs on LinkedIn and Indeed that I can’t even keep up with where it has gone. ”

DO “I am very careful about distributing my resume as well as the recruiters I am working with on my search. I realize that it’s best to have a discussion about specific opportunities and know where/when I have been submitted."

Good luck with your search!

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