Small Wins

David Parker


I received excellent training when I got into recruiting. I was taught not to get too high when you make a placement and don’t get too low when things don't go as expected.

With the lows, I was told to look for ‘small wins’ because recruiting is a journey. My sole focus couldn't be the end result.

I have tried to apply that great advice to my life as well. We all would like to wake up tomorrow and have the Coronavirus be gone. That isn’t realistic so I think it’s good to look for those ‘small wins’ every day to remain positive and hopeful.

Many in my network may experience job changes (voluntary or not) based on recent events so I would like to help if I can.

Please send an e-mail to with some background on your status and how I can help you.

Whether it’s reviewing your resume, making an introduction, discussing career goals, or even relocation to/from another city. You don’t have to be in accounting/finance, employed, or connected to me on LinkedIn for me to help you.

If my help can be a ‘small win’ for you, all I ask is from you is to do the same for someone else. Be safe and the best to you and your family. #smallwins #payitforward

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